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Sep. 16th, 2006 | 07:06 pm
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music: Gravitation -- Sweet Sweet Samba
posted by: kageotogi in kadic_academy

Has anyone happened to venture across the kadic_academy community page lately? If so, you'll know that we have a semi-new layout! Our lovely punctuates crafted a fine banner for our use, so it's up until either photobucket kills the image, eljay once more frustrates me by changing the layout styles, or Joan decides to play Miss Fix-It again (not that that's a bad thing, dear).

The character entries and logs have been a little slow as of late, so let's try to get back on the ball. I've been just as guilty of this, I know. ^.^ Anyway, once I've seen entries from most all the characters, I'll set up the beginnings of the first XANA log -- because, yes, this is a Code Lyoko rp and that means we need to have fun little side-trips to our favorite virtual world.

If you, like me, have not posted the class schedule for your character yet, please do. If you want to copy and paste it into your character journal's userinfo, all the better -- it's just a way to keep track, after all. I'll try and stay organized if you guys will. ^_~

Things are going well! Keep up the good work.

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